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Esquire Auto Brokers is currently working with the New York State Energy Research and Development Association (NYSERDA) and the Small Business Development Center on a project to build the first environmentally-friendly, LEED-certified automobile dealership.  The facility will be truly state-of-the-art and will carry only "green", zero-emission vehicles such as hybrids and plug-ins.  The dealership will be the truly unique, employing associates to interface with clients and environmental consultants to review our vehicle portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are delivering the most cutting edge technology.  The new dealership will also employ unique sales processes that will change the way the car industry transacts business. Check back for updates on our progress!

Future Plans for Esquire Auto Brokers

Brokering & How Esquire Auto Was Born

 Esquire Auto Brokers is an independent consulting, wholesale and brokerage firm dedicated to representing everyday car buyers with courtesy and professionalism in purchasing new or used vehicles– without the customer ever having to set foot inside a dealership.  Esquire Auto Brokers charges a flat fee and negotiates directly with its network of managers, circumventing the traditional commission structure that is designed to reward salesmen for inflating prices and finance charges.  We have established relationships with a wide variety of dealers across the state, leveraging the volume of transactions that we can bring to a dealer to guarantee the lowest pricing for our clients.  

     When contacted by a client, we discuss purchase goals and a total budget, including all applicable taxes and fees. Then, we go out and negotiate the purchase directly with our network of dealers, prepare all the paperwork, and arrange for delivery of the vehicle.  Owner Christopher Rositano worked in a dealership for many years and is adept at leveraging factory-to-dealer and factory-to-customer incentives to get the best possible pricing. He also advises clients on maximizing trade-in values, using market reports and auction analyses to deliver an authentic valuation.

     Every step of the Esquire Auto Brokers process is designed with the client in mind.  In Christopher's experience, many customers expressed to him their gratitude for explaining the terms of a deal in a straightforward manner, in plain English. Esquire Auto Brokers was born out of Christopher’s compulsion to address the stress and uncertainty that many customers experience when working with salesmen, and he designed a process that eliminates that and delivers vehicles at or under dealer invoice.


Maintaining your business 


For the many years we’ve been in business, we have been striving to provide our clients the best vehicle purchasing experience possible to gain their full satisfaction. And they’ve shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly.

 We want to be the auto broker for all your car and truck purchases.